custom cordage and artistry



Cordage is the ancient art of twisting fibers into rope, yarn, thread- so many ways in which we rely on the simplicity and  strength of a length of twine. 

Hands slowly turning, what was once a loved handkerchief from a great grandmother, an aunty’s scarf…  into a length of cordage that is strong and imbued with the memories of the making, the time reflecting; worn and cherished anew.

We have ways that we let go every day. We have things that we hold onto. We have moments in our life to remember, to release. Loved ones to honor. Emotions to accept. 

In gathering together, we take the fabrics that have meaning and significance in our lives and learn the rhythmic process of twisting cordage. We share in each other’s wisdom, in our stories; conversations around living and letting go. 

Objects carry memory, but only for so long. When I wear the necklace that was once my sister’s scarf, I have part of her with me and part of me twined into her. Perhaps someday the necklace that I have worn and loved will be woven or knitted into another form.


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